Our team comes from a range of backgrounds — with researchers coming from sociology, public health, political science, and data science as well as community organizing and political advocacy. People join us at different phases of their academic journey, from undergraduates and graduate students, to postdocs and faculty. Please visit our Partner with Us page to understand more about joining our team.


Hahrie Han, Faculty Director
Inaugural Director, SNF Agora Institute and Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

Jane Booth-Tobin, Lab Director

Researchers/Project Teams:

Alexandra Dildine
Graduate student

 Elizabeth "Jordie" Davies
 P3 post-doc
Lynsy Smithson-Stanley
Graduate Student
Jae Yeon Kim

Jae Yeon Kim 
Research Fellow





Milan DeVries
Mapping the Modern Agora
Project Director






Current Undergraduate Students:

Stella Lee


Lab Alumni:

Former Graduate Students and Post-Docs

Aaron Sparks

Adam Burston

Amanda Brush

Avi McClelland-Cohen

Ben Manski

B. Kal Munis

Elizabeth McKenna

Elliot Finn

Geoffrey Henderson 

Jae Yeon Kim

Jeff Feng

Maneesh Arora

Mariah Brennan-Clegg 

Melanie Brazzell

Michelle Oyakawa

Sonia Sarkar

William Haywood Carey

Former Undergraduates

Amanda Yuen

Anna Song

Catherine Weatherly

Claudia Alegre

Daniel Cortes 

Devin Green

Elizabeth Szulc

Haadiya Ahmed

Jessica Ange

Joseph Heide

Kate Bell

Leslie Irwin

Paige MacPherson

Ryann Schutt

Sami Ghanem