The team at P3 is always excited about sharing our research with other scholars and partnering with funders and practitioners to look at how our research can support your work. Existing opportunities include:

Organizer Seminar 

This fall, the P3 Lab is excited to launch our second seminar for senior organizers. This is a space for organizers with a decade or more of experience in community organizing and movement leadership to take a step back from their daily work and wrestle with larger questions about organizing and power with a small group of peers from across the country. 

Through a mix of in-person convenings and online conversations, we’ll deepen our collective understanding of the kind of power we are trying to build and our best strategies to build it, look at how the right has built power leading up to this moment, and dive into research on the structures and strategies that support power building in our organizations and coalitions. In each conversation, we’ll read and discuss pieces on what is currently known on these topics before discussing how to apply this research in your own context and identifying what is missing from these frameworks. At our closing convening, we’ll work to consolidate our learnings into a vision for future organizing and research and to support each other in the hard work of applying what you’ve learned in your communities. 

Head here to learn more and apply. 

Presenting Our Research

If you'd like someone from the lab to speak to your team, please contact us and include a brief description of your work, what you are curious about, and any sort of timeline you are working on.

Learning Spaces

P3 is exploring different formats for deeper exploration of our research and collaborative learning with funders and practitioners. Please be in touch if you are interested in partnering on a training series or fellowship.


Photo Credit: ISAIAH