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An Approach to Understanding & Measuring People Power
We demonstrate how to make visible the dynamic, relational nature of power.

Understanding Strategic Capacity in Constituency-Based Organizations
We identify the capacities organizations need to build power in dynamic political contexts.

Designing Resilient Coalitions

We synthesize various literatures to examine the characteristics of effective, enduring coalitions.

Case Studies 

The AMOS Project and the Campaign for Universal Preschool

How does a grassroots coalition manage internal tension during the height of its campaign?

The ISAIAH Trash Referendum

How does a faith-based group make decisions about which issues to support and strategies to pursue?

Practicing Internal Democracy to Build Potential Power: An Electoral Strategy in Kentucky

How do an organization's internal  decision-making mechanisms shape its capacity to build power?

Assessments & Toolkits

Assessing Your Organization's Strategic Capacity

This assessment is a tool for teams and organizations to build a shared understanding of and investment in strategic capacity.

Promoting Democratic Participation
This is an assessment of strategies for increasing civic participation as part of Ford Foundation's PERDP Initiative.
Assessing Your Coalition: Reflection Guides
These guides — one for new coalitions and another for existing ones — help identify the group's strengths and challenge areas. 


Hahrie discusses the difference between organizing and mobilizing. 


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