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Reports & Case Studies
An_Approach_to_Understanding_and_Measuring_People_Power.PNG Understanding_Strategic_Capacity_in_Constituency-Based_Organizations.PNG  
"An Approach to Understanding & Measuring People Power." Hahrie Han & the P3 Lab Team "Understanding Strategic Capacity in Constituency-Based Organizations." Jane Booth-Tobin, Kal Munis, Lynsy Smithson-Stanley, Hahrie Han  "Social Homes as Sources of Power for Health Equity." Sonia Sarkar, Jane Booth-Tobin, Ryann Schutt  
The_AMOS_Project_and_the_Campaign_for_Universal_Preschool.PNG The_ISAIAH_Trash_Referendum.PNG  

"The AMOS Project and the Campaign for Universal Preschool." Hahrie Han & Liz McKenna

"The ISAIAH Trash Referendum." Peter Levine & Liz McKenna "Practicing Internal Democracy to Build Potential Power: A Case Study of Electoral Strategy in Kentucky." Sonia Sarkar  


Assessments & Toolkits

We are developing different tools for organizations to measure their power over time, assess their strategic capacity, and understand the basic of organizing for power. Please check back as we build this section over the coming year.

Assessing_your_Organizations's_Strategic_Capacity.PNG -Promoting_Democratic_Participation.PNG  
"Assessing Your Organization's Strategic Capacity." Jane Booth-Tobin, Kal Munis, Lynsy Smithson-Stanley, Hahrie Han.  "Promoting Democratic Participation (A review examining the PERDP initiative of the Ford Foundation)Hahrie Han with support from Lisa Argyle. April 2016.   

Hahrie discusses the difference between organizing and mobilizing.  P3 Post-Doc, Liz McKenna briefly discusses how and why The P3 Lab studies power through a case study.

Articles & Podcasts
"To Learn about the Democratic Party's future, look at what Latino organizers did in Arizona." The Washington Post by Hahrie Han and Liz McKenna What Happened When the Minneapolis Police Lost Legitimacy?” The New York Times (op-ed) by Hahrie Han When Does Activism Become Powerful? It’s about much more than amassing money or people.” The New York Times (op-ed) by Hahrie Han


Additional Articles, Podcasts, Interviews, and Reports