An Approach to Understanding & Measuring People Power 

Team: Hahrie Han & the P3 Lab team 

Key Question: What is people power, why should we study it, and how have we developed learning partnerships focused on power? 

Research Products: 


Over the past decade, the P3 Lab has been one of several research teams around the country developing an approach to designing learning projects around the theory and practice of people-powered politics. This report synthesizes this arc of learning to understand how to strengthen people-powered efforts to build political power. We do not claim this is the best or only approach; instead, it is our approach. We seek to both describe the approach we take, and the kinds of questions that still need to be answered.

As such, the goals of this report are to:

  • Describe how we conceptualize it, and why we need to study it; 
  • Describe how learning partnerships to measure this kind of power have been built; 
  • Describe what we know and still need to know moving forward. 

We anticipate that different readers may be interested in different parts of the memo, and encourage people to focus on the sections that are of greatest interest to them. Download the full report here.