Team: Milan de Vries, Jae Yeon Kim, Hahrie Han

Key Question: How can we make visible the modern day agora by developing a map of organizations that illuminates how people are invited into public life in this country, where there is a lack of opportunity to participate, and how organizations shift in key moments?

Research Products: Forthcoming 


The Mapping the Modern Agora (MMA) project at the SNF Agora Institute works to apply the tools of machine learning, computational social science, and large scale data to make the study of civil society at scale possible for the first time. The P3 Lab collaborates with the Mapping the Modern Agora team to apply these frameworks in our own research projects. You can learn more about the project at the SNF Agora Institute's website.

Connected Research within the P3 Lab

  • Political Funding Cycles - Using budgeting data surfaced through MMA, the P3 team is working to paint a picture of the way that funding for civic engagement organizations with 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 entities has increased and/or decreased throughout the past ten years to identify patterns and questions for future research.¬†
  • Latinx Community Organizing Landscape Assessment - We are seeking to build a preliminary landscape map of the organizations working with Latinxs in communities that exhibit recent and continued potential population growth, are financially under-resourced, and have a burgeoning community of Latinx-led and serving NGOs and leaders with interest in and potential for transformational change. The project seeks to help the broader field better understand the current opportunities Latinx communities they have for building power, while identifying organizations that could expand their impact with deeper investment.
Milan de Vries


Director, Mapping the Modern Agora