Kal Munis (Ph.D., Politics, University of Virginia, ’20) joined the P3 Lab in July of 2020 as a Postdoctoral Researcher. As part of the lab, Kal has contributed to research regarding how constituency-based organizations build power and strategic capacity. He has also supported other projects within the lab and is engaged in research regarding individuals’ sense of voice in society and the degree to which they endorse democratic norms.

Kal’s personal research agenda focuses primarily on understanding the political psychological foundations of geographic polarization (including the urban-rural divide). In related work, Kal studies how nationalization of the communicative environment contributes to partisan polarization. Kal's peer-reviewed research has been published in Political Behavior, Political Geography, Political Research Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and Publius: The Journal of Federalism, and media coverage of these works have appeared in The Atlantic, Slate Magazine, and New York Magazine, among others. Kal has also contributed analysis and commentary to The Washington Post, The Hill, The Brookings Institute, The Niskanen Center, and other outlets.